Suriname is a beautiful country, which you can easily discover by bicycle. You can go on the road independently, or under the guidance of one of our tour guides. If you decide to explore the area on your own, you can rent a bike per day, week or month. Do you opt for an organized tour? Then you go in a group through the district Commewijne.


Do you want to see more of Suriname? Then an organized tour might be something for you. You choose the means of transport, the bicycle or the boat, and we do the rest for you. Our tour guide tells you everything about the environment, your senses do the rest. So smell the fresh sea air and let yourself be carried away on the waves of the azure blue sea. Look out over golden sandy beaches and green palm trees or discover the interior with its extensive plantations.


Take a fascinating bike ride through the Commewijne district, where history of more than 400 years, culture and nature meet and alternate. During this tour we visit the coffee and cocoa plantation Peperpot and the sugar plantation Mariënburg. Then we visit the largest museum in Suriname to date: Fort Nieuw-Amsterdam. The fort is strategically located where the Commewijne River flows into the Suriname River. These rivers flow together to the sea. To reach the fort, we cross the river with a canoe (with a bicycle).

Fort New Amsterdam

Fort Nieuw-Amsterdam was built in the 18th century to protect the plantations near the estuary of the Suriname and Commewijne rivers from pirates and other invaders. The fort also served as a prison from 1863 to 1967. The structure consists of earth walls and an inner area, where old cannons are still standing. It has partly become an open-air museum. There are also renovated houses, including the two powder houses that you can visit during this bike tour.

Pepper jar

Then cycling will take place to the Peperpot plantation. On the way to this plantation you pass residential houses of mainly Javanese and Hindustani. When the plantation approaches you see the old coffee and cocoa trees. The plantation has been around since the 19th century and was set up and managed by the Jansen family. There are two old plantation houses on the site, of which the director’s house has been beautifully restored. There is also a coffee shed from the year 1802 and a coffee and cocoa factory. Production ceased in 1996.


The last part of the bike tour consists of a visit to the former sugarcane plantation, factory and Kampong Mariënburg. This sugarcane plantation was founded in 1745 by Maria de La Jaille. After being changed from owners several times, it was bought in 1882 by the Nederlandse Handel Maatschappij (NHM). She wanted to establish a central sugar factory to process the sugar cane from the surrounding plantations. In addition to cane sugar, the sugar factory also produced rum. Mariënburg also supplied molasses to the well-known Surinam Alcoholic Beverages (SAB).


The dolphin named “Profosu” is a brackish water dolphin that travels between the coast, the Commewijne and the Suriname rivers. With a special dolphin boat we go looking for this dolphin with a pink belly. Departing from Leonsberg, you board the boat. There you will receive information about the area, New Amsterdam, the Suriname River, the shrimp peelers and the Commewijne River.

While enjoying a drink, the guide searches the waters in search of the dolphins. Once the dolphins have been spotted, the party begins. The more enthusiastic you are and clapping your hands, the more enthusiastic the dolphins will be. Sometimes they jump far above the water.

Enjoyed the dolphins, the boat sails to the plantation Frederiksdorp, Rust en Werk and Margaretha. There you can walk around and enjoy some snacks. You will get some explanation about the plantation. Slowly you will see the sun go down, which creates very nice pictures and a romantic feeling. Then it is time to get back on the boat and sail towards Leonsberg.


Bicycle rental Cost
Deposit € 100,-
Day price € 6,-
Weekly price € 30,-
Rental price month € 100,-
Bicycle tour Cost
Bicycle tour Commewijne € 50,- p.p.
Dolphins tour Kosten
Day tour € 30,- p.p.
Transfer Cost
To and from airport € 40 per trip (max. 3 people)