Conditions Rental Apartment

Rental conditions apartment / holiday home

The tenant and landlord agree that::

– The tenant will manage the apartment as a good family man and according to the destination.

– There is always a deposit of € 135 to be paid in advance. There will be no renting without a deposit.

– Riando NV accepts no liability for: theft, loss and / or damage, of whatever nature, during or as a result of your stay on the complex.

– The tenant bears full responsibility for himself and guests, as well as for the home, buildings, contents and personal belongings. In case of demonstrable damage, this will be fully recovered from the tenant.

– Comments and remarks regarding the apartment must be submitted within 3 days of the date. If you do not do this within the stipulated period, you will be held responsible for this.

– Entering the pool / roof terrace and using the facilities is entirely at your own risk. Parents are responsible for supervising their own child (ren) / visit.

– The rent includes water, electricity, garden maintenance and use of the swimming pool / roof terrace.
The price includes electricity consumption 100 KWH per week. This is based on 6 hours of air conditioning use per air conditioner per day / night. Additional consumption will be deducted from the deposit at local rate afterwards..

The lease and a copy of the inventory list which, after having thoroughly reviewed it, sign it and return it to the landlord.

– When leaving the apartment turn off the air conditioners and all electronic devices . After having received 2 warnings, you will have to spend the rest of your vacation without air conditioners.

– If desired, you can use our cleaning service, at least once a week (housekeeping). This is for the account of the tenant; € 25 at a time, including cleaning products.
Please note: You must leave it clean when you leave the house.

– Subletting is not allowed. Only registered persons are allowed to use the apartment during the rental period. If subletting is nevertheless found, the evacuation procedure will be started with immediate effect. Any costs associated with this will be recovered from you.

– In the event of a power failure, you will be asked to remove the plugs of all appliances from the sockets, in order to prevent damage when the power supply is restored (you will receive an explanation).

– Blockages or damage caused by the tenant to drain, bath and toilet will be charged to you.

– Costs in case of loss of the remote controls is € 100 per case.

– The check-out time is at 14:00 at the latest as indicated in the agreement, unless otherwise agreed. Please take this into account.

– The landlord reserves the right that the rent can be canceled in the event of calamities or irregularities.

Not allowed:

– Use of, drug trafficking. In the event of suspicion or observation, will be immediately reported .

– Keep the fans and air conditioners running constantly. We would urge you to keep the windows closed while using the air conditioners. It is not allowed to keep the air conditioners running during cooking.

– Keeping parties, the osos, cultural and herbal baths on the spot.

– Pets in and around the house

– Too many and busy guests.
– Noise pollution.

– Bed linen, hand / tea towels and other inventory items to take with you on excursions or day trips.

– Move furniture.

– To park on the apartment complex. You may only park outside the complex

Cancellation Policy
If canceled, changed or you do not show up (no-show) up to 60 days before the arrival date, 70% of the full amount of the reservation will be charged.